How the APA will handle Covid concerns for 2021-2022

This information is subject to updates

based on information

from public health organizations.  

UPDATED COVID Procedures as of July 22, 2021

The APA will be asking all students to wear a mask during indoor classes. 


Weather permitting, we will move portions of our class outdoors and masks may be temporarily removed.  Our staff and any assistants will be fully masked during indoor activities.  Our performances are planned for an outdoor space where masks will not be required for participants.  


Please see below for updated COVID-19 procedures for the Bibb County School District as of July 21, 2021. These procedures should be considered flexible, with the understanding that the District will continue to update these procedures as we approach the next school year and receive additional guidance from the Ga. Department of Public Health and CDC.

You can read the full report at:

  •  Wearing a mask is highly encouraged.

  •  No masks are required outdoors.

  •  Masks are required in highly populated places like school buses.

  •  Volunteers are allowed to come into the buildings.

  •  The District will highly encourage volunteers to wear a mask.

  •  Parents are encouraged to make an appointment for visiting schools.

Group Sizes

  •  Class sizes are back to normal. Students should take precautionary measures – hand washing, wearing masks (highly recommended) and socially distancing 3 feet in hallways.

  •  Buses are back to normal loads. Masks are highly recommended.

  •  Students may eat in the cafeteria; however, modifications to meal schedules will be made to create smaller groups.

Extra Measures

  •  The District will continue to use the temperature kiosks to check temperatures of those entering buildings; however, temperatures will not be recorded.

  •  Everyone is working from the building. Working from home is not an option.

  •  The District will highly encourage individuals to be vaccinated if they meet the age criteria.

  •  The District will avoid large gatherings and stagger events using virtual options when possible.