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New updates about the APA


The Academy of the Performing Arts opened in 2004 to offer a wide variety of classes in the areas of theatre arts & instrumental music. Although classes do have general age requirements, we like to see students in classes which suit them best, so we’ll work with you to choose what’s right for your student based on interest, experience and age.  On December 31, 2016, the APA became a virtual school - with collaborations all over Middle Georgia.  As we grow you'll see more of us at Macon Little Theatre, Stratford Academy and at many local schools and performance venues.  We contract to do on-site workshops all over Georgia.  We bring performing arts to you!!!



About the Owners

The APA is owned and operated by Laura Voss and Sylvia Haynie, two Middle Georgia professionals with years of experience in their fields. Voss is a band director, percussion instructor and professional arranger as well as an accomplished percussionist.  Haynie serves as guest director for countless local productions and charitable functions featuring participants of all ages.  Together they have directed and music directed many local productions, as well as having written and composed works for the stage including two original musicals Alice in Wonderland and Traditions.   

In addition, the APA coordinates individual instruction on instruments from flute to violin and often brings in talented young professional actors and theatre instructors from New York to lead workshops and special event courses.  



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